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The Sex Ed Podcast

Dr. Linda Mona

Our guest this week is Dr. Linda Mona, a highly honored clinical psychologist specializing in patients with chronic health conditions and disabilities. Dr. Mona works as a consultant to healthcare service providers, in addition to her private practice, where she focuses on the importance of sexual health as a means of improving overall quality of life. Dr. Mona and Liz talk about digital dating with a disability; her favorite sex toy recommends and how a disability can in fact make you MORE creative in the bedroom.



On this episode our guest is Imani Gandy, lawyer, senior legal analyst for Rewire Dot News, co-host of their Boom! Lawyered podcast and writer of the the award-winning blog Angry Black Lady Chronicles. Imani and Liz discuss the capitalistic history of abortion laws in the United States going back to the 1850s; the nuances of how our government legislates abortion, and actionable ways we can support others as reproductive justice becomes increasingly restrictive.

Our guest on this episode is Liz’s brother, Tony Goldwyn. Tony is an actor, director, producer and activist. He played United States President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s SCANDAL for 7 seasons, directed feature films, and has appeared on and off Broadway for over 25 years. Tony and Liz discuss male privilege; their father’s sometimes “tough love” advice; appearing nude onstage and on screen; what it was like to become a sex symbol at 50 and how intimacy evolves with age.

This episodes guest, Rabbi Denise Eger, one of the first lesbian Rabbis to work openly in the United States, and was the first queer President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Rabbi Eger gives a blessing before a conversation about sex and spirituality; the myth of Lilith; ordaining California’s first legal lesbian wedding and how she is leading her congregation to evolve past the gender binary. 



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