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The Sex Ed is a community of experts in the fields of Sex, Health & Consciousness. As we grow, we will be bringing you information, research and ideas from our network of colleagues, each of whom has over 10,000 hours of experience in their various field of expertise.

sex with sunny

We are pleased to introduce a new series of original articles from (S)expert Sunny Rodgers—clinical sexologist, sex coach, sex educator, Ambassador to the American Health Association, sex toy designer and ordained minister. Sunny has been working in the sex toy industry since 2000.



Sunny Rodgers

Sunny has an aerospace background, and prior to designing vibrators and dildos she was designing inertial navigation devices for satellite platforms and getting them licensed through the United States Department of Defense. She went from rockets to pocket rockets!


Anal Sex 101

Go slowly, breathe into it, relax, and use plenty of lube. Anal orgasms can be incredibly intense and can often be felt throughout the entire pelvic floor.

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Periods Part Three

Periods are as unique as the people who have them. You may feel aroused or crave certain foods—and the surge in hormones may cause you to throw your partner against the wall and rip their clothes off. Here are a few quick tips for optimum period sex.

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Periods Part Two

In 1946, Kotex partnered with Walt Disney to create a short film entitled, The Story of Menstruation. Considered progressive for the time, the film covered how to track a menstrual cycle (and how correct posture could affect a good attitude about periods.) Apparently, this was the first time “vagina” was heard in a film. 

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Periods Part One

Egyptian pharaohs were believed to become divine by drinking the blood of Isis, while Celtic kings sought immortality by drinking the “red mead” of Mab, the fairy queen— both of which were thought to be menstrual blood.

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Male Orgasms and 14 Unique Types of Orgasms

The description of a male climax and a volcanic eruption are almost interchangeable – an energetic discharge of tension and hot material expelled with force from deep within.

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Orgasms 101

Orgasms can feel like uncontrollable, undulating waves of sexual pleasure that leave one feeling extremely physically relaxed. Orgasms can be both long and short, intense and discreet and as individual as the person experiencing them. 

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SEX-What is Normal?

As a certified, professional sex coach, I am frequently asked what is “normal sex.”

Here is the truth—our sexuality is as unique as our own fingerprints.

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Prostate Health & Pleasure

Adding prostate massage to solo-sex and partner-play allows for more powerful orgasms. The prostate really is a power point, aligning with your root chakra, located near the perineum. Massaging the prostate not only keeps it healthy, but your sex life can benefit greatly.

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Sex Toy Safety Care & Maintenance

“It burns,” she whispered into my ear. “I used a brand-new sex toy and I don’t understand why my entire vulva is on fire.”


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The Sex Ed explores sex, health, and consciousness in the digital age. Goldwyn leads a sex positive discussion with adult film star and author Nina Hartley and burlesque queen and author Dita Von Teese. Both prominent figures in their respective fields, each have helped demystify the fetish world for wider audiences and open up healthy conversations around sexuality.