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The Sex Ed Podcast

Mistress Velvet

Our guest this week is Mistress Velvet, Chicago’s premiere African domme Goddess. A practitioner of BDSM, Mistress Velvet often makes her straight, white male clients read and write essays about black feminist theory. Liz talks with Mistress Velvet about the “whorearchy”, her post work self care routine, why sex workers are being excluded from traditional sex ed and how her academic studies have overlapped with her professional life.



Jeremy is the creative force behind his own label, Jeremy Scott, has had an ongoing collaboration with Adidas for over a decade, and is also the creative director of Moschino. Liz and Jeremy talk about letting his fashion freak flag fly as a teenager in Missouri; “making it” in Paris as a designer; and how gender identity and dress codes have been revolutionized over the last decade.

Have you ever been curious about Tantra? Or wondered what Tantric sex is all about? Our episode this week features Barbara Carrellas, founder of Urban Tantra, who demystifies Tantra, explains “conscious” kink and tells Liz about that one time she had an energy orgasm in a tree.

Our guest is Midori, legendary sex educator, author and artist. Midori wrote the classic rope bible, The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage— the first English-language book on shibari. Liz and Midori cover bondage’s roots in warfare, incarceration and slavery as well as why, when tying up a lover for the first time, it’s important to maintain eye contact.



The Sex Ed X MatchesFashion: More Sex, Fashion and Pleasure with Christopher Kane, Liz Goldwyn and Alex Fury.


Reframing the dialogue around pornography with filmmakers Erika Lust, Liz Goldwyn and editor Danielle Kwateng-Clark.


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