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The Sex Ed Podcast

Alice Little

This week’s guest is Alice Little—likely the top earning legal sex worker in America, where she is the #1 luxury companion at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Alice holds degrees in psychology, sociology, physiology, and anatomy and is an advocate for legalized sex work and education. Alice and Liz talk about the logistics of legalized sex work, from licenses to law enforcement; the cornucopia of services she offers and clients she sees, and why we need to take down the whorearchy. Liz also asked her for tips on some of the most requested topics from the Sex Ed community!



This week’s podcast guest Lykke Li is a singer, songwriter, mother and co-owner of Yola Mezcal. She has been on tour supporting her record SO SAD SO SEXY and follow-up EP, STILL SAD STILL SEXY, which came out in 2018 and 2019. Lykke and Liz talk about creating art from pain; motherhood in the music business; why she’s over music festivals and how her personal definitions of love have evolved.

On the podcast this week is Rebecca Sugar-animator, writer, musician and creator of the groundbreaking animated series Steven Universe. Rebecca and Liz discuss the importance of making wholesome LGBTQ+ content; their role in educating children—and their parents—via entertainment; the censorship an internationally syndicated animated kid’s show faces, and the upcoming Steven Universe: The Movie, out September 2.

This week’s podcast features activist and journalist Ashlee Marie Preston. Ashlee is the first openly trans person to run for state office in California, as well as the first trans person to become editor-in-chief of a nationwide publication. Ashlee and Liz talk about how tattoos have been a source of empowerment for her; life as a survival sex worker; abstinence and how transitioning, by its very definition, doesn’t follow a linear path.



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